Depression – It’s Not A Weakness

We are all human. We all face the same joys. We all face the same stress. We feel love, pain, joy, anger, hate, passion, happiness. We enjoy the same things, and avoid the same things.

We all get depressed.

Society is focused on appearances. It is. Society tells us to hide the pain. It tells us to smile and pretend everything’s ok. Even if it might be the most painful time of your life. People around you will tell you to let it go. To move past it. To stop being childish and just get over it. Society refuses to deal with depression. It’s this unknown thing that no one speaks of, or even wants to accept. We all go through the same things; we face the same issues.

We get depressed and yet we still don’t talk about it. We spend all our lives hiding our emotions, burying them inside so often until it starts eating away at us. We spend all our lives asking why the world is this cold that it just doesn’t admit that depression is a serious issue. We spend it complaining to ourselves that being depressed comes with a negative stigma because society made it that way. What we don’t realize is that we are society. We are the ones who are causing pain in each other’s hearts. We are the ones abusing trusts, ridiculing each other’s differences, and judging each other. We are the ones who get abused, ridiculed and judged.

We are the ones doing this to our world. A beautiful world in pain. So are we just going to accept that? Are we just going to let depression be this taboo topic that we hide away until we’re all alone? Or are we going to be the generation that changes this stigma? The generation that accepts all feelings and emotions, and offers our help to all those in need?

Everyone gets depressed. From the way the world is right now, it’s pretty hard not to get depressed. Depression is everywhere. It can be built from nothing.

You look around and you’re alone. You think of your day and all the words you heard that hurt you. You’re alone.

You know you’ll be okay but you just don’t want to feel lonely anymore. You want to wake up with someone who loves you. You want to have people ask about you. You want someone around. You want friends.

But you’re alone.

You’ve spent too many days being alone, and the world just isn’t as great as it used to be. The world isn’t kind anymore. The world has now become a cruel cold place that isn’t worth being in.

Now tell me you haven’t felt this way at one point in your life and I’ll tell you you’re a liar.

Everyone feels lonely. Every single person. It’s almost in our DNA to feel loneliness. We are just so afraid of talking about it, or even afraid of accepting that feeling lonely can lead to a very dark place.

Depression comes from being lonely. It comes from being called skinny your entire life. it comes from being called fat your entire life. it comes from being different or even from being too similar to someone. It comes from losing your job. It comes from getting a promotion. It can come from anything.

The World Health Organization estimates around 350 million people suffer from depression. Across all ages.

350 million people.

And we’re too afraid to talk about it? Seriously?!!

Go through a mentally traumatic experience and people recommend therapy. Go to a therapist they’ll say. That’ll fix you.

As if there’s something in you that needs fixing.

They’re wrong. Going to a therapist doesn’t necessarily fix the problem. Depression almost always leads to suicidal thoughts. And one out of 800,000 people end up taking their own lives because we’ve made this world too hard for them to live in.

And we still avoid it. We just don’t talk about it. It’s a taboo.

So let me break that image. Let me talk about it, and I demand you hear me.

People who suffer from depression are in my eyes the strongest people. They feel too much pain and too much joy. They feel the pain caused to themselves and the pain caused to others. They feel things to their core. So it is not a weakness to be depressed. It’s a strength. It requires even more strength to admit that. And even more to overcome it.

Those who go through dark days always come out the other side. They either decide life is too hard, or they come out a stronger and happier version of themselves.

People who’ve gone dark times and made it out are those people that are changing the world. They are the ones who are being role models to all generations.

So let’s talk about it.

Open up about your feelings. You will get people who cannot handle your truth, and end up distancing themselves from you. Let them leave. At least you’ll know the people who stay are the ones who actually care and want to support you.

Don’t give up on the world. Don’t give up. Be the change. Be the voice to all those who are suffering. Be their voice. You are not alone. I promise you, you are not alone.

Share your love.