Feature Fridays coming your way!

For the next 17 weeks, you will be able to read about 17 amazing humans. This idea came about after having coffee with a friend at one of my favourite coffee shops in the city. I mentioned to him how motivated and inspired I get from the message we’ve received from people who have purchased our gear, or found the Scatter Kindness cards. To hear their stories inspires me to continue to spread kindness.

Over the course of the 4 months you will get to learn about Artists, Actors, Athletes, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, and people in our community who have played a big role in Pay it Forward Gear. They may have different careers, but at the end of the day – they have one common denominator … they all care about people, and about making a difference! We are honoured to have gotten to know these people, and are extremely thankful they agreed to share with us a bit about them on this blog.

In the end we are unique souls with a purpose; to better this world, be kind to one another and learn from each other.

Here is to learning more about some pretty kick ass people!

Until next week …

Yours in Kindness,