Intro to our newest Blogger Rona!

I’m Rona Kanbar. A firm believer in the power of karma and the Pay it Forward concept. I’ve gone through many ups and downs in life, and found my way to a more positive life. I want to help everyone I can achieve that by spreading the beauty of paying it forward. You can also learn more about me on

Pay it Forward – What it’s all about

We all hear this phrase being used. We’ve seen the movie Pay It Forward, showing a young kid trying to change the world by spreading a simple act of kindness to three people, and asking those 3 people to pay that kindness forward to 3 other people. This movement spread across the town he lived in, and changed the lives of many people. The simple movement of showing a stranger a simple act of kindness. This movie gives me goosebumps every time I watch it, and gets me bawling like a baby. A teacher shows an 11-year- old students how they can change their world, even though they’re young kids that people don’t expect much off anyway. This young kid believes the world can be better filled with love, if we only believed in it and acted on it.

That’s really it. Paying it forward is a concept, and a beautiful one at that. It is. This “it” we speak of paying forward can be as simple as smiling to a stranger, to as big as saving someone’s life. It was Ronald Reagan who said “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” And that’s how the pay it forward movement works. If each one of us steps out of the bubble of their own world, and helps at least one person have a better day, the love for humanity will begin to spread again. It is a sad day when you read that the number of suicides per year is increasing. It is a sad day when you see little kids who we have failed. We have failed ourselves if this continues.

Our world is filled with cruelty, selfishness, envy. It is filled with greed, and the obsession of power and money. Our world is filled with hatred. It is filled with politicians looking to gain the most power on the country or world. It is filled with managers who want to do whatever it takes to get ahead, no matter the implications on others. It is filled with people who want to cause pain. Yes. The world is a dark place.

But is it really? The world I see is one filled with love. It is filled with wonders, and kindness, and beauty. It is filled with passion, art, and selfless acts. It is filled with hope for better days, hope for a better life. The world is now in pain. It is. The world is suffering and it needs each one of us to save it. To save humanity and the love we know we share. If only we focused on the what we give instead of what we receive. If we just put our focus and energy on selfless acts, instead of selfish ones, we’ll realize there is much more to gain. Again, I’m not talking about material things. I’m not talking about giving to charity, or supporting a cause. There are great causes in the world supporting individuals suffering from depression, or individuals trying to rebuild their lives for a better future for their own children and the generations to come. These are great movements definitely.

But I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about everyday acts of kindness. Acts that make people remember you. The acts that maybe get repeated on other people, simply because of the legacy you left on them. You’ve heard of the phrase “smile and the world smiles back”, haven’t you? Smile to strangers. If someone is having a tough day at work, do something nice for them. Buy them a cup of coffee if you can. When they ask you why, and they will definitely ask, just tell them about the Pay it Forward movement and ask them to pay it forward by giving someone else a simple act of kindness. They will be shocked, impressed, and blown away by the fact that someone is being nice to them.

Again, the world isn’t a happy place. We have to make it that way. We’re used to drowning in our sorrows, and our stressful lives, that we forget the one thing that unites as all. The one thing that gives us hope and strength to keep going. And that is love. Plain and simple. Love.

So love each other. Share your kindness. Pay it forward.