Meet Jess from Project Skin MD

What does pay it forward mean to me. Pay it forward creates this ripple effect of kindness which I feel is lost sometimes in this day and age. To spread this concept seems so easy but yet a lot of us are so caught up in today’s routines that it does not happen. It reminds me that everything I do has an impact on others and that I have the power to influence someones day. To possibly help change their attitude with a small gesture.
When I was at my lowest I felt like I had nothing more to give and I was in such a depression that I literally cried daily. Dealing with sick family members, battling depression tendencies, pushing threw personal illnesses physically, helping a loved one deal with depression, being surrounded with people you love leaving you and trying to keep going in order to help everyone around when all I wanted to do is give up. My family and friends said I was not myself anymore. Oddly enough this is  when I was showered with kindness cards that  impacted me to keep going. With a simple card that says “you are worthy” ” you are loved ” literally changed my life at that moment! I took a second to reflect and realized that I’m not alone, it’s ok to talk about it, to let people in, to know that people are there to help, that I am loved!
This simple phrase has meant more to me than anything. It seemed to come at a low moment, now I keep these cards close to my heart. I keep them up around my house where I can see them daily and I pass on this message any chance I get. I wear the gear almost on a daily basis and tell people the story of how this gear came to be.
Sharing the story and scattering these cards makes me feel that maybe someone else can have a life changing moment. That maybe someone who is at a low will read it and realize that they are worthy , not to give up!
This simple phrase; “pay it forward” is more than just what it seems. it’s a mantra that we should all aspire to. Not only am I proud to share this message but I am proud to call Mikaela one of my most loved friends.