Meet Sandy from Epic Existence Studio

I met Sandy during a photoshoot. She is the owner/director of Epic Existence Studio. Sandy is kind, supportive, creative and a true Boss lady!

Instagram: Personal – @epicexistencelife Business – @epicexistencestudios

1.Describe yourself in 5 words?
Bosslady, Passionate, Open Minded, Adventurous Risk Taker, Entrepreneur

2. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
I recently got an email from my previous boss, stating that he wanted me to be involved in a lawsuit against his former employee. He wanted to sue this individual for not successfully delivering a poem that he wrote to Katy Perry. He wanted me to be a witness because I was his executive assistant at the time of the agreement in 2014. I still have no idea if the lawsuit is taking place or not. (P.S: I know that this is not funny funny but its a WTF or what the hell just happened moment).

3. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
A female white Jaguar: rare, beautiful, boss lady, fierce, but yet a kitten in the inside

4. What helps you through challenges?
My beliefs, spirituality, and values. My motto “live life epicly”. 

5. What inspires you?
Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs, and Athletes. I have never seen such hard working, passionate, disciplined, dream achieving and dedicated individuals like these three groups of people! I have seen many come from zero and end up in a place where they get paid to do what they love.

6. Tell us your favourite quote.
My one true quote that resonates with me is “lack of abundance is only a lack of ideas”.

7. Have you had any struggles in life that you want to share? How did you overcome them.
I’ve had a tough childhood and several traumatic events in my life that can easily be in the category of “challenging” (abuse, addiction, mental health issues, depression …. to name a few). How did I overcome them? To be honest …. there has always been this thirst for life that I don’t know where its coming from. My beliefs? My values? My spirituality? Funny enough, I tend to think it comes from my phobophobia (Phobophobia is the fear of phobia(s) and, more specifically, of the internal sensations associated with that phobia and anxiety). I hate being scared or fearful therefore my phobia always has me tackling my fears and overcoming them. Hence the motto “live life epicly”.

8. How do you express kindness?
I express kindness by providing my time and skills to people that deserve it the most. Those people are usually those that don’t see their fullest potential at the moment, have forgotten their true value or people who see themselves through a smokescreen of doubts. I feel that this 1st world country there’s always a meeting, appointment or a place to get to and we never have the “time” to just be there with someone and connect. Not connecting at a superficial level but at a deeper level, where you get to connect with their hardship, their passion and the view about themselves. I always like to provide my time to show these people who they really are through my skills like photography, for example. 

9. Advice to your younger self?
Drop everything. Go Travel. Find yourself. Than hustle to what you want the most. Achieve. And don’t stop until you are fulfilled. 

10. What does Pay it Forward mean to you?
Pay It Forward means, to lend a helping hand to someone who just fell face first. To give a breath to someone who has not been able to breathe. To smile such someone can be reminded of what happiness feels like.