Where is the love?

I'm sure by now we've all heard the song by Black Eyed Peas. A remake of their "Where is the love?" made in 2003. The song is a beautiful song. I loved the song. I get goosebumps everytime the song comes on when my playlist is on shuffle. I used to think, how amazing is this song? A song made 13 years ago, made with a goal to spread love and peace. A song made to make people believe in each other again, to believe in humanity, to believe in love. To be good to each other, and to themselves. 13 years ago. More than a decade ago. A song was made to get people to open up their eyes to the cruelty, madness, drama and selfishness in this world. The deaths, racism, sexism, and inequality. How bad did the world seem back then compared to now? Must been absolute paradise compared to the cruelty we will live in today. 

It's one of the reasons I love music so much. The power these artists have in getting a message to go viral. How can anyone not feel the effect of such songs on the world? It's beautiful. It's those such rare moments that humans come together and try to combine all our differences, all that makes us unique, and create something beautiful for the greater good.

Granted, some musicians abuse the fame of their art and do not use it to promote a better self-image, or love among different races, or even love for one's self. But there are many that do, and those that do have a responsibility to all of us. And they end up making something that isn't just for their success! Do you see that? That this power is not for them, it's for us.

It's to unite us with love.

Unite a racist, sexist, hateful, selfish world and make it believe in the power of love again! A world without borders. A world of people. A world of unity.

Instead of listening and changing our behaviours, what we have is people hating on each other. Girls hating on other girls. And I say girls not women. Girls bullying others. According to Instagram stats, 24% of TEENAGE girls are bullied online. And then you look at women, grown-ass women, women that are meant to be role-models, are even more cruel and vicious in their bullying. Hating on each other acting like children who don't know any better. Women giving other women the stink eye. Women hating on the success of others.

As if it wasn't hard enough being a woman in this day and age. 

To all of the women in the world, starting with myself, let's think please. Where does hate get us? Why choose sides? Why hate on her? Why talk behind her back? Why judge her every move? If you don't understand someone's life and actions, why attack it? Where does that get us? Do we really need to make someone else feel worse about themselves just so we can feel better about our own selves? What's worse is we don't even see anything wrong with it.

So let me tell you this. Go ahead and hate on those girls. Hate on their successes, and celebrate their failures. It's called Schadenfreude. Rejoicing in someone else's misfortune. Go ahead and hate on them. But believe me, it just confirms how low your self-esteem is! Hating does nothing but reveals the weakest version of yourself. So go ahead and do that. 

Or instead, be the best version of yourself that you can be. Let's stop comparing ourselves with everyone else. Stop comparing our hair, hips and happiness with the girls around us. People are not perfect. We are not supposed to be. I am not even close to being perfect. I've experienced schadenfreude. And I'm not afraid to admit that because I now know better. I'm learning everyday, I'm making mistakes everyday and I want all of us to be happier.

Not compare ourselves, especially not to the people we see on social media. People are never who they POST to be! Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat.. all these applications are made to connect people, share ideas, share memories. Not to have this hatred and negativity spread. Or have people compete on how many followers they have, how many likes, or who has the most expensive clothes and lifestyle.

Remember that. Celebrate each other's successes, celebrate their happiness. Celebrate.

What's even worse than this stupid bullying is the people are dying because of how severe it gets. People get bullied on the internet and harassed which is leading to hurt, shame, embarrassment and sadly, death by suicide.

According to the World Health Organization, if there are 20 million attempts of suicide per year, one million of those are succeeding. 

16 out of every 100,000 people will commit suicide.

Or one suicide every 40 seconds.

Get your mind around that for a second.

A person has just taken their life while you're reading this.

2 more.

These are real statistics. Real people are dying, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, children are taking their lives because of the depression, hatred or selfishness they've experienced. 

So I have to ask. To all those people who have followers on social media. Do the math. That means that one of your 500 followers will commit suicide, and 20 of those 500 will attempt it.


Depression is the biggest factor. Depression would've gotten the best of them, and the world they lived in wasn't worth the pain anymore. The sadness, bullying, racism, sexism, heartbreaks got the best of them and their life just was not worth it.

We are NOT God. We should not bully anyone. We just don't know what their struggles are. A single word or action can drive someone over the edge. Or it can restore their faith in humanity. Our words have the power to build and to destroy. How we choose to use them will dictate how someone is impacted by them. 

Choose them wisely. Be cautious of the legacy you leave on people. Do not be the reason someone loses their love for life.

I understand what's going on in the world. The pain caused by the extremist organizations is not something a single person can change. I know I can't change that. But I know I can help individuals. I know that I can help, even if it means I help only one of the 16 who die out of the 100,000. 

I know you can too.