You are not alone

You are not alone! 

Here’s the thing -  you’re not alone! What you are going through, you don’t have to go through it alone. We sit in our homes and we fear, and we panic, and we let these thoughts overcome us. And worst of all, we start to believe them! We believe that we aren’t good enough. We believe that nobody loves us. We believe that we are worthless. We believe that if we die no one would care.  We start to believe the dark side. Depression and Anxiety can be a real bitch can't it? I’ve been there. I know the struggles. I know what it’s like to just beg someone to take away that pain. I get it.  I am amazed at the courage, the strength and the willpower that it takes to get through those dark days. I am so thankful that those dark days are very few now. And what I needed in those times, are what I think everybody needs in those times...we need to show people more compassion, more love and more kindness. We need to let people know they aren't alone. The fact that 1 in 5 will experience a mental health problem means you aren't alone. So, we need to be more empathetic. We need to show more freaking kindness to people! 

You may have seen the Scatter Kindness cards on our website or on our social pages. They are to give people a boost in the most random way. The person has no idea who left the card and almost always it is a message they needed to hear. The reason I love sharing the Scatter Kindness cards and doing Random Acts of Kindness is because of exactly that. You have no idea what is going on in someone’s world because the majority of people are too scared to talk about it, and show vulnerability. We bottle everything up, meanwhile we suffer solo. I hate to burst your bubble, but no one has it all together! We all go through struggles. We all have those days that everything frustrates us, and we yell at our family, or our friends for no reason. Or we shut down and ignore people. And in those times what we need is more love. We need more compassion. We need more freaking kindness! So give it! 

What I've done my best to do is put myself in another persons shoes (I hope they are as cute as mine ;). That person may have yelled at you because they are going through something massive in their life and they have no idea how to handle it, or the person in the store may not have been super sweet and outgoing to you today. Show them grace. Show them empathy. Be kind to one another. It will make all the difference to you and to them. 

And back to the beginning of the post as I tend to ramble and get side tracked ... please remember, the world needs YOU. You are here for a reason. YOU fucking matter! YOU are enough! And you are so so loved.

Sending you huge hugs and so much love,